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Wed 9 Apr 2014, 4:35 pm

Consular Outreach to Udon Thani
Wed 23 April 2014

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Subject:  Message for U.S. Citizens: Consular Outreach to Udon Thani, April 23, 2014
Date:  Tue, 8 Apr 2014 03:24:33 +0000
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Consular Outreach: Udon Thani

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok is pleased to inform you of the location for the scheduled consular outreach visit to Udon Thani on April 23, 2014

New location: see details below!

Consular staff will be available to provide services on April 23, 2014 from 08:00

Mon 12 Sep 2016, 5:36 pm

Hi ForumMates,

As Chiang Mai has a U.S. Consulate, this will be of less interest to those in the region.  However, just in case there was any doubt,  the U.S. Embassy is dead-serious about the no-cash policy as indicated in the update I received today.  Having to get a bank draft is annoying enough, but my concern is that if you get the amount or the exchange rate wrong for some reason, you will be turned away.

The e-mail from acsbkk states that cash is still accepted at the Embassy in Bangkok, however we assume that would also apply the the Consulate in Chiang Mai.  Maybe someone could check and post the info here?

 Here is the latest:

--- Quote from: ---From:  <> 
Subject:  Message for U.S. Citizens: No Cash Accepted at Outreach Events
Date:  Mon, 12 Sep 2016 06:00:53 -0400

Please be advised the U.S. embassy will NO LONGER ACCEPT CASH (U.S. Dollars and Thai Baht) at Outreach Events for American Citizen Services.  This is a worldwide policy, and no exceptions can be considered.

All future payments at U.S. Embassy Outreach Events must be made in the form of a BANK DRAFT

·         Purchased from Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, or Siam Commercial Bank (SCB).

o   You do not need an account at the bank to purchase a bank draft.

·         Purchased in advance. 

·         Made out to the “American Embassy Bangkok.”

·         In the exact amount of Thai Baht (THB) for your total service.

·         At the official embassy exchange rate at the time of the outreach.

o   Fees and exchange rates will be included in individual outreach announcements and posted on our website.

·         Submitted at the time of service.

Delivery Service: Thai Post can mail back passports for applicants.  If you require this service, you must purchase and submit a separate 100 THB bank draft. Do not include the cost of the envelope in your total bank draft for services.

Please note: cashiers’ checks, personal checks, cash, credit or any other form of payment will not be accepted.


Renewal of adult passport books and cards
Renewal of minor (under age 16) passport books and cards
Replacement of adult lost/stolen passports or first adult passport
Replacement of minor (under age 16) lost/stolen passports
Notary Services (charges per notary stamp)

This change only applies to Consular Outreach Events. Services rendered during normal business hours at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok will continue to accept payments made by credit card or cash (THB or USD) exclusively.

Please see: more information.

Send questions about total costs to or call 02-205-4049.

Follow us on Twitter by searching our username @ACSBKK
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