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Author Topic: Jobs for falang in hotel industry in Thailand?  (Read 1450 times)

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April 21, 2014, 05:33:28 PM
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Jobs for falang in hotel industry in Thailand?
« on: April 21, 2014, 05:33:28 PM »
Mon 21 Apr 2014, 5:18 pm

Hi ForumMates!

A member on another forum, a farang, is seeking work in Khon Kaen (although this would apply to most "upcountry," non-Bangkok locations, excluding the resorts.  He describes himself as near to completing a bachelors, a Dutch/British national, native English speaker, with proficiency in German, as well as some Spanish and French.  He is hoping to find something outside of Bangkok in trade, marketing, HR, hospitality or SCM.  Quite a tall order!  And as this is a perennial topic, it is worth raising again here.  My answer on that other forum appears below, but first let us get it out of the way: Unless you have very high-level, technical, or other type of specialized skills (where a Thai cannot be found to do the work), you employment opportunities in Thailand are pretty much limited to teaching English.  Of course, if you have the finances and the "right stuff" there is always the option of starting a business, albeit not usually a very wise choice.  Anyway, here is how I responded.  Please contribute to the discussion and add your own experience and take on the subject.


Many educated  locals seeking a professional career would prefer to work in KKC, however the realities of the marketplace force them to leave family and friends and familiar surroundings for the "Big Mango."  The same can be said for anyplace "upcountry," I suppose.  Resorts (Phuket, et al) would be more pleasant than Bangkok, and certainly would offer more possibilities than KKC.

You say that you could probably get a job in Bangkok with relative ease, but you don't say what you base that assumption on.  Being multi-lingual would definitely help, but I am sure, but many Thais  have the same  "smattering" of languages as you do, plus the fact that they speak Thai! What do you have to offer that they do not? I am not trying to be difficult; it is just that (legally) you are not supposed to do a job that a Thai can do as well.   (Good) jobs in the hotel and hospitality industries are highly coveted, and there is a lot of competition from falang as well as Thais who have your skills.  Clearly, hotels are the place to start your job search, but you had better find some way to distinguish yourself from the competition and bring something to the table that a Thai does not. The principle of the laws concerning hiring falang are about not competing with Thais who can do the same job, and staying out of protected industries such as agriculture, and retail, and a long list of others.   Non-teaching jobs for falang are definitely limited, not only in terms of availability and competition, but in terms of what type of jobs non-Thais are allowed to have legally.

Sorry to come across as negative.  Other falang have managed to crack this nut.  Perhaps you can too with a lot of ingenuity and persistence.

Good luck.


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