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Author Topic: Yin Yoga Workshop Sun 4 May KKC!  (Read 1778 times)

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April 13, 2014, 08:09:06 AM
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Yin Yoga Workshop Sun 4 May KKC!
« on: April 13, 2014, 08:09:06 AM »
Mon 7 Apr 2014, 1:24 pm

Hi ForumMates,

I'll have more complete info soonest, but just wanted to post this news:  

Lek is coming to Khon Kaen to present an all-day Yin Yoga workshop on Sun 4 May 2014, from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, with a lunch break mid-day, at Piman Garden.   Fee is quite reasonable, 1,500 THB, and 1,300 THB for early registration before 19 April.

Many people have never heard of Yin Yoga, a special style that is quite different than what you may  had seen on teevee or at a regular (yang style) yoga class.  Yin Yoga is probably more like the way yoga was actually practiced in antiquity than the more modern, aggressive, athletic forms you may be familiar with.  It is a much slower and more meditative form of yoga focusing mostly on opening the hips and lower body.  Unlike the more active, yang, styles of yoga,  there are fewer asanas (poses), and they are held much longer, for 2-5 minutes at a time.

Yang Yoga, as well as all Western forms of athletics and exercise work the muscles.  Yin yoga is unique in targeting the joints, ligaments and fascia (connective tissue) below the muscles.  Why is this important?  Well, it is particularly important if you are getting a little older and feeling more stiff every day, as though you are losing flexibility and freedom of motion.  This situation is progressive and gets worse as you age, and the terminus for many is ending up as a "little old man (or woman)," stooped over, arthritic, in pain, with severely limited mobility.  Some have it worse than others, but no one escapes entirely.  However, while it is a natural, inevitable process, it is not mandatory, and can be avoided or softened considerably by taking certain steps and practicing certain disciplines.  Yin yoga is one of the few practices that targets the connective tissue, and be especially helpful.  It can be very worthwhile to explore.  There are many benefits in addition, but opening the hips, lower back, pelvis and working the connective tissue is initial pay-off.
I have not been hanging out much with Kru Fon for a long time, but was v. pleased to learn she is doing regular yin yoga classes in addition to her other regular yoga classes at  Pimanchon Fitness Center.  So, the good news is, that anyone who attendd  Kru Lek's workshop, will be able to have continued guidance in his or her practice.

For more info or to reserve a space in the workshop, you can call Kru Fon directly at

087-637-9987 or 081-307-2828 .  She speaks excellent English.  

You can PM me as well with any questions.

I plan to attend Lek's workshop, so maybe I'll see you there.  BTW, I am posting this as a fan and supporter.  I have no commercial interest or involvement in Lek's practice or Fon's Hariom Yoga Studio.


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