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Wed 18 Jun 2014, 6:43 am

Hiya ForumMates,

This topic  somewhere between "technical", "where to find...", and "What are you watching?"

Is anyone using devices such as Roku, (Google)Chromecast, Dune TV, or something else to obtain and stream TV/video from internet to TV?  I know you can get Dune in Thailand, mail order.  I don't know what others may be available here ???

1.  Anyone using this kind of stuff?

2.  Does it work?  Does it work good? Is it worth the time, $$$ and hassle?

3.  Do you have to be Godzilla to setup, configure and get working?

4.  Any compelling advantages/disadvantages to one system or device over another?

5.  Is there sufficient programming (content) to make it worth the hassle?

6.  I assume you also need a VPN or something if you want U.S. subscriptions service such as Netflix?

7.  I guess it depends on what kind of programs you watch, but potentially, would this let you fire True and KTV?

8.  How about services such as PlayOn  ( ) and PlayLater???

Between True and KTV, I spend 1,800 per month, or 21,600 ($720) per year.  That is OK, except that I watch so little, and the programs that I like are scattered all over the place between different channels and providers.  For example, I could live without Bloomberg (happily!), but NOT without Charlie Rose.  So, I have to be subscribed to a while system  for two or three shows.  As it turns out, surprisingly, I am not all that keen on watching  movies at home; there is just rarely a 2 hour window when I am willing to commit to watching a whole movie.

Thanks, lah!


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