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Author Topic: KTV & Digital Boxes  (Read 1391 times)

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November 05, 2014, 06:55:34 AM
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KTV & Digital Boxes
« on: November 05, 2014, 06:55:34 AM »
Hmmmm . . . It seems that I have not created a forum to discuss technical services.  This will l have to do.  And although it pertains to Khon Kaen, may also be relevant to Chiang Mai.

Wed 05 Nov, 6:31 am

Good Morning All,

Those of you who use KTV know that the signal is analog, which has no practical meaning except that 1.  The picture quality is less than perfect, 2. It offers fewer channels than digital systems, and 3.  The coaxial cable plugs directly into the TV input rather than through some kind of decoder box such as you get with True satellite.   The one advantage to this is that you can have several (as many as you want) hookups all over your house, the only cost being the nominal price of the additional coaxial cable the labor of installing the additional points where you want them.

All of this came up a year or ore ago when the plans were first implemented for KTV to switch from analog  to digital.  As I unerstood it at the time, customers were free to continue with their analog hookups, but at some point (within a year, maybe) all customers would be required to switch, which would mean buying a digital box  1,200 THB for each point/TV desired.

Can anyone update and verify the info I just heard.

1.  Switching to a digital box is no longer mandatory.  Customers are welcome to continue with analog setup for the rest of their lives, which will obviously be longer for some than for others.  Is that true?

2.  Each box is around 1,200 THB.  No deposits or other fees.  No installation required except to plug the coaxial into the box and the box into the teevee.  Not sure if there are installation charges if you want more than one box.

3.  Monthly will continue at 350 THB/mo.

4.  Digital provides (supposedly) a more clear picture, and 50 more channels. than the current analog.

At the end of the day, the important question is :  Is it worth it to switch?  Is the quality better?  More important, do the 50 additional channels have anything in English, and/or anything worth watching?

Finally, I reckon I already know the answer to this question, and while I digital is theoretically capable of it,  do any of the channels have bilingual bordcase to switch from Thai Language to Engharishe?


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